The creation of the Deputy Shipping Ministry marks a very important step towards the efforts of the country to strengthen its presence as a major maritime centre.

Подробнее: Cyprus establishes Deputy Ministry of Shipping →

Barbados, Mongolia, Panama, Tunisia, the Republic of Korea, Grenada, Macao SAR and the United Arab Emirates have all been removed from the list of the European Union in regards to jurisdictions  who are non-cooperative in relation to tax purposes.

Подробнее: Eight jurisdictions removed from EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes →

The Bank of Cyprus announced the establishment of a real estate fund which will be the first of its kind in Cyprus.

Подробнее: Bank of Cyprus to set up real estate fund →

Our firm participated on the 13th of October 2017 at the Russia-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum.

Подробнее: Danos & Associates participates in Russia-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum →

Standard & Poor`s rating agency affirmed on the 15th of September the rating of Cyprus economy  at BB + / B and revised the outlook on its long-term sovereign credit rating to positive from stable.

Подробнее: Standard and Poor's revises outlook of Cyprus's economy →

A recent report conducted by the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management Group with regards to citizenship by investment programs around the world shows that Cyprus has the most attractive program in the EU.

Подробнее: Cyprus citizenship by investment program most attractive in European Union →

More good news for the real estate market in Cyprus.

Подробнее: Increase in number of real estate transactions in Cyprus →

According to figures from the Registrar of Companies the number of applications to incorporate new companies rose in July this year to the same level as in February 2013.

Подробнее: Increase of Registration of new Companies in Cyprus →

Our firm has recently participated in a business delegation to Lebanon.

Подробнее: Danos & Associates participates in Business Delegation to Lebanon →

Standard & Poors has raised Cyprus' long term credit grade from BB to BB+.

Подробнее: Standard & Poors raises Cyprus' credit →

The Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday 15 February 2017 the Cyprus Startup Visa scheme.

Подробнее: Cabinet approves Cyprus Startup Visa Scheme →

Moody's Credit Outlook issued on the 2nd of February 2017 is very positive and optimistic for Cypriot banks and Cypriot economy overall.

Подробнее: Moody's Positive Outlook for Cypriot Banks →

According to the Companies Registrar records, the number of new company registrations within 2016 has increased 20%.

Подробнее: Company Registrations in Cyprus on the rise →

The Bank of Cyprus has joined the London stock market on what is considered to be a major step in the bank's recovery efforts.

Подробнее: Bank of Cyprus moves its shares to London stock market →

According to the Value Added Tax Laws of 2000-2015 buyers of residential property could obtain a reduction to VAT and pay a reduced rate of 5%.

Подробнее: Amendments to VAT Law →

Cyprus and India signed on the 18th of November 2016 the revised double tax treaty between the two countries and a protocol that will allow India to tax capital gains in India.

Подробнее: Revised Tax Treaty betwen Cyprus and India →

The House of Representatives on the 14th of October 2016 has voted amendments to the IP Box Regime in order to comply with the approach adopted by the OECD.

Подробнее: New IP Box Regime in Cyprus →

Alex Danos, Managing Partner of our law firm has attended on the 30th of October the branch opening of the new offices of Jingsh law firm in Liaocheng city.

Подробнее: Danos & Associates participates in a branch opening of its affiliated law firm in China →

On the 13th of September 2016 the Council of Ministers announced the creation of new criteria for the citizenship by investment scheme.

Подробнее: Revised Criteria for Citizenship by Investment →

Our Managing Partner Alex Danos and associate lawyer Nora Tsartsali have visited Kiev last week for a number of business meetings with leading Ukranian law firms.

Подробнее: Cooperation with Ukranian law firms →

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