Our firm has recently participated in a business delegation to Lebanon.

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Standard & Poors has raised Cyprus' long term credit grade from BB to BB+.

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The Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday 15 February 2017 the Cyprus Startup Visa scheme.

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Moody's Credit Outlook issued on the 2nd of February 2017 is very positive and optimistic for Cypriot banks and Cypriot economy overall.

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According to the Companies Registrar records, the number of new company registrations within 2016 has increased 20%.

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The Bank of Cyprus has joined the London stock market on what is considered to be a major step in the bank's recovery efforts.

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According to the Value Added Tax Laws of 2000-2015 buyers of residential property could obtain a reduction to VAT and pay a reduced rate of 5%.

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Cyprus and India signed on the 18th of November 2016 the revised double tax treaty between the two countries and a protocol that will allow India to tax capital gains in India.

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The House of Representatives on the 14th of October 2016 has voted amendments to the IP Box Regime in order to comply with the approach adopted by the OECD.

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Alex Danos, Managing Partner of our law firm has attended on the 30th of October the branch opening of the new offices of Jingsh law firm in Liaocheng city.

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On the 13th of September 2016 the Council of Ministers announced the creation of new criteria for the citizenship by investment scheme.

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Our Managing Partner Alex Danos and associate lawyer Nora Tsartsali have visited Kiev last week for a number of business meetings with leading Ukranian law firms.

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Cyprus and India completed on the 29th of June their negotiations for a double taxation agreement for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion in regards to taxes on income between the two countries.

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Danos & Associates is very proud to announce that the firm has signed a cooperation agreement with Jingsh Law Firm. Jingsh Law Firm is one of the biggest and most successful law firms in China. The firm is one of the oldest law firms in China and has over 500 lawyers and a network of over 40 offices. Jingsh Law Firm has its headquarters in Beijing, branches in most major cities in China and 22 foreign branches in cities such as New York and London.

Our firm will act as the affiliated office of Jingsh law firm in Cyprus. Jingsh law firm will likewise act as our affiliated office in China. Our firms will actively work to develop the cooperation between the two firms and promote business opportunities. Through this agreement our firms will cooperate on a number of areas of law including Immigration, Corporate Law and Litigation.

We welcome Jingsh Law Firm as our new and highly valued partner and we look forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation.



Our firm is proud to be the winner of the prestigious award of 'Best for Overseas Company Incorporation Services - Cyprus & Best for Immigration Law - Cyprus'. Acquisition International Magazine has announced on the 15th of April 2016 the winners of the 2016 Offshore Excellence Awards and our firm is the only winner from Cyprus.

Offshore Excellence Awards are given purely on merit and are awarded to exceptional companies of the offshore industry. This award is one yet testament of our hard work, dedication and professionalism. Our firm offers the highest quality services in regards to the formation of companies in Cyprus and abroad. Our team offers company incorporation services in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Dubai, Belize, BVI and a number of other destinations.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of Immigration services and focus on the programs of Citizenship by Investment and Permanent Residence by Investment. We currently represent a number of high net worth individuals from Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East who have invested or will invest in Cyprus in order to obtain the Citizenship or Permanent Residency. Further, we have a number of cooperation agreements with intermediary companies from China and Europe.

Our firm participated on Saturday the 27th of February at the Chinese New Year celebrations at Yummy Mandarino restaurant in Nicosia.

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Our law firm has recently advised a leading Chinese energy company on a potential investment in Cyprus for around 40 Million Euros.

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A. Danos & Associates LLC has been presented with the award of 'Best in Commercial Litigation - Cyprus'. Our firm was chosen as a winner of the Legal Awards of Acquisition International in their annual awards of the legal profession's best in 2015.

This award is a result of one year of research and judging process and on the basis of the comments of our clients, fellow professionals and industry insiders. Our success is a testament of the high quality services we provide to our worldwide and prestigious clientele. Our firm regularly advises and represents leading local and international corporations on a wide range of commercial proceedings.

 A. Danos & Associates LLC Award

Our law firm has recently advised and acted on behalf a large European bank in regards to a Multi-million debt owed to our client by a Cypriot company.

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